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Honoring those who have championed the IMA mission and vision
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Beginning in 2019, the IMA has presented awards to those individuals or entities that have made significant contributions to the IMA and our mission of reducing infant mortality in the African American Community.  The Awards are presented each year at the Annual Summit

The criteria for nominations are below. If you would like to make a nomination you can fill out the form and submit it at any time throughout the year. The nominating committee will review all of the nominations in August. 

Faith Community Advocate Award

Honors a person or entity that has made a significant contribution and demonstrates leadership in the community through their time, actions, talents, and dedication outside of any volunteer work done for their employer.


Community Health Partner Award

Recognizes an individual or organization that demonstrates excellence in addressing health through achieving measurable improvements to health or health care; makes creative, innovative and exceptional contributions to the community;  pays attention to the long-term impact and sustainability of their work, and; works collaboratively without seeking recognition for their contributions.


IMA Trailblazer Award

Recognizes an individual or organization who identifies and implements innovative changes that positively affected the community. Award recipient should have demonstrated noteworthy, proven, achievements or contributions that have furthered the cause of reducing infant mortality in the African American community.

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