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Health Care

Connect with healthcare organizations to improve birth outcomes

 High-quality prenatal care is vital to both the health of the mother and the healthy development of the child. Though the disparity in access to prenatal care has been narrowing over time, there remains a gap in the quality of care received. Research shows that African-American women do not receive the same level of health behavior advice or ancillary health care services during prenatal care as Caucasian women (Lu,, 2010). A lack of access to health care diminishes opportunities to provide preventive health education messages and increases the risk of delayed diagnosis and treatment of disease.  

The Health Care Work Group Plans to:

  • Build relationships between health care providers nd potential clients

  • Expand coordination and enhancement of home visitation systems

  • Educate health care professionals on implications of implicit bias

Meeting Schedule

For additional information contact Barbara Colbert

Have a vision. Be demanding.

                                                                 – Colin Powell

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